Like™ is a combined lollipop/breath mint/tongue scraper that reduces bad breath.

Bad breath is a general name that describes a bad smell coming out while exhaling, even if the source of the smell is not from the mouth itself. It has a significant personal and social impact. Affected people may feel embarrassed and insecure near other people and avoid close contact with them.

Like™ addresses the root of the problem – bacteria on the tongue – for a long-lasting effect and a fresh feeling in the mouth.

Breezy's Like™ uses both natural active ingredients and a tongue scraping action for maximum impact. In addition, the candy base stimulates saliva production to increase the moisture in the mouth, an important factor in combating halitosis, smoker's breath, and dry mouth. Like™ has undergone extensive clinical tests, which have demonstrated its efficacy.

french smallLike™ is available in an attractive package of five lollipops.

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