Breezy's platform technology introduces hard, evenly dispersed microcapsules into a sugar-free confectionary base. The proprietary microcapsules are filled with safe, all-natural active agents. Specific agents are selected to provide the optimal effect for each of a range of applications.

The hard microcapsules assist in gently scraping the tongue to remove the food particles and bacteria that cause bad odor. The lollipop format facilitates scraping around and at the back of the tongue – a prime area for bacteria build up – with significantly less gag reflex. As the microcapsules dissolve in the mouth, they release the active ingredients which continue to act against the bacteria – for a long-lasting effect of up to six hours.

Breezy protects its intellectual property through strong patent. Breezy's first PCT patent application, which covers the concept and the use of microcapsules for a scraping therapeutic effect, has entered the national stage in the US, Europe and Israel.

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